ADEQUA LEGAL, S.L. (hereinafter ADEQUA) reports that its users have a data file which contains the personal data of their customers and users, whose ownership and responsibility for processing the Firm has established with the purpose of managing and maintaining contact and communication with their customers, and users seeking information about its organization, activities, products and services.

According to and compliance with the Law 15/1999 of December 13, for the Protection of Personal Data, it is the duty of communicating suitable for users who provide personal information while browsing and using the options provided in this website will be incorporated into the above file whose establishment has been duly notified to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, with the understanding that we already have consent for this from the moment you enter and use this website. However, in providing information directly, by telephone or electronically or provide any other information while browsing, use, or relationship, confirmed inherently provide express consent for the registration and processing of personal data for inclusion in the above file and send / receive communications informative, promotional and trade by the Firm, including specifically those made by electronic or conventional.

At any time, the user may exercise with regard to their data, rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, in case of opposition by sending your written request along with a photocopy of your ID to the address located in Valencia (Spain), PO Box 46019, Street No. 2-10 Porta Coeli, or addresses that are in place and communicated in the future to the General Register of Data Protection. For more information, or do not wish to receive further e-mails can be communicated in the next May not be ADEQUA to realize the right of cancellation with respect to those facts that the law obliged to keep. However, the following steps of blocking the data canceled to prevent its application to purposes other than those set out in the legislation that requires preservation.

ADEQUA undertakes to fulfill its obligation of confidentiality and secrecy of personal data and its duty to protect them, and take the security measures required by the law in effect at the time to reasonably ensure their protection and to prevent their alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, at any time given the state of technology. However, the Firm can not guarantee full invulnerability absolute security systems since no security measure that can be installed at present unwavering therefore suitable not liable for any incidents that may arise over to personal data when deriving either an attack or unauthorized access to their systems so as to be impossible to detect by security systems in place.

This privacy policy may be modified at any time by the Firm, especially to bring the law and instructions from the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, which recommends that users ADEQUA consultation period of the same order of andalusia know the changes in it, notwithstanding the inclusion of this information note on the website.

IMPORTANT: Where there are differences or contradictions between the versions of the site published in English, Spanish and Valencian, this site will prevail in any case the Spanish version.